Frequently Asked Questions – Please review ALL of these FAQs before submitting your project.

  1. Do you accept all titles?  – No, we review all titles.  We are selective on who we chose; however, we are open to all categories.  We will notify you either way.

  2. Do you accept mixtapes? – Yes we do ONLY if it’s all original music.  You cannot submit a song that is owned by someone else.  You are responsible for clearing all of your own samples, industry tracks, or other people’s music.

  3. Do you provide artists with original tracks? – Yes, we can through our partner company.  We have a large team of in-house producers in which you can license instrumentals for under $20.00 or buy outright for an extremely affordable price.  You can sell both options through our distribution.

  4. Is there a set-up fee? – Yes, if you are selected, we do charge a small one time set up fee to cover our costs.  There are no monthly, yearly, or additional fees, etc.

  5. What is the revenue split? – It is a 70/30 split of the net (70% to the artists and 30% to WHOMAG Distribution).  Most distribution companies with our reach do 50/50 splits.  We favor the artists.

  6. How big is your reach?  – Since we distribute through Sony Orchard, we have the largest independent reach possible reaching up to 700 digital retailers including iTunes, Amazon Google Plus, Emusic, Spotify, Deezer, cell phones, and many more.

  7. How many clients do you currently have? – We currently have over 150 clients and growing.  We have some very established names signed to us as well as upcoming independent artists.  However, we treat all of our clients the same.  Independent artists benefit form being on the same distribution company as many established artists.

  8. How often do you pay out? – We pay out every quarter as long as you net over $25.00 that quarter.  If not, the balance rolls over to the next quarter until it accumulates $25.00.

  9. Does signing to WHOMAG Distribution guarantee me sales? – Absolutely not.  We open our outlets to a selected group of artists, but they are responsible for their own promotion.  We are not a record label.  We are not a promotional company.  Our responsibility is to get your finished project in every possible digital retailer worldwide.  It’s your responsibility to drive traffic to those sights to get sales.

  10. What are some of the other benefits for WHOMAG Distribution besides sales?  – There are a lot of reasons why an artist can benefit from WHOMAG Distribution.  Here are a few…

  • Artists can use the WHOMAG Distribution name on their projects.  WHOMAG is affiliated with the largest independent hip-hop/R&B show WHO?MAG TV which reaches over 60,000,000 households daily.  We also have DMTV which is an EDM/dance music show and Video Vision, which is a 30 min music video show for all genres of music.  We work directly with the major labels and feature their artists on our programming so our brand holds a lot of weight with the major labels.

  • We feature one (1) song per project on iFame TV (our ROKU channel which has over 6,000,000 subscribers) on-demand similar to Music Choice style.

  • We feature one (1) song on our website player on www.whomagdistribution.com on-demand similar to Music Choice.

  • Due to the amount of outlets we get you on, your Google search results/analytics increase.

  • We have placed our artists in 3 physical movies distributed by Lion’s Gate, Image Entertainment, and the third shopping for distribution now.  We have also placed our clients on multiple TV shows and other outlets.

  1. Do you own any publishing?  – No, we do not.  You keep 100% of your publishing. You own the song.  You are only giving us the right to license it to sell it.

  2. Do you sell physical CDs?  – No we do not; however, we encourage the artist to make their own physical CDs to sell on their own.  Whatever profits you make off of the physical or any digital sales that is not through our outlets, you keep 100%.  For example, if you sell any digital or physical directly through your personal website, you keep 100% of the sales.  We only take 30% of the net off of outlets where we sell your project.

  3. What do I need to get started?  – You first need to send us an email with a streaming link to listen to your music (either SoundCloud, YouTube, Reverb Nation, etc.).  We do not accept downloadable links.  If we select you to become part of our movement, we would need the following…

  • either LP, EP, or single completed with no uncleared samples or industry tracks as .wav files

  • Album cover 1500×1500 as 72 dpi sent as a .jpg

  • A track listing with the exact spelling of how it will appear when uploaded

  • Signed contract (we will send upon approval of your music)

  • Set Up Fee either via PayPal (sending as “Family or Friends”), money order mailed, or cash if you want to drop off at our offices in Cherry Hill, NJ.

  1. How long does it take a project to appear through the digital retailers? – We are contractually supposed to tell you 30 days (one month), but usually our titles go up within 1-2 weeks once we receive everything from the checklist above.

  2. Do you guys do 360 deals? – No, we are not a label.  We do not own any part of your music.  We just license it.

  3. How long is the contract for? – We do a 3-year minimum deal with an auto renewal each year.  After the 3-years are up, you are free to cancel at any time.

  4. If I have further questions, is there someone we can talk to? – Yes, absolutely!  We are very hands-on with our clients.  After you send your music and we approve, we can schedule a call to go over the details.

  5. Do you guys offer any additional promotional packages? – YES!   We definitely do.  We offer video promotion packages through our outlets.  We also work with a third party promotional companies that can help you with social networking, email blasts, music production, video production, mastering, and more.

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