Video Production

WHOMAG Distribution is also under the same umbrella as Chetown Films, which is a multiple award-winning company for music videos, movie, TV shows, and commercials.

We can create dynamic HD music videos for your project.  We film with either the RED One or the Canon 5D.  We also can create viral videos, lyric videos, and live performance videos. 

What separates our music videos from other companies is, not only do we give 150% into all of our projects, but we also help promote our videos through guaranteed TV placements, web placements, cell phone app placements, and more.  We also include social marketing to over 30,000 twitter followers as well as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest.

Here are a few awards that CEO of Chetown Films have won…

2013 – Castle Windows Commercial.  Won “Best Commercial Ad” Award of Excellence, “Best Commercial” (winner).

2012 – Florida Music Festival, “Best Music Video“.  Candi Lynn’s “Lunatics” music video. Received over 1400 votes in 3 days.

2010 – Pocono Mountain Film Festival, “Best Documentary” (winner).  Winner of the Pocono Mountain Film Festival for “The WHO?MAG Hip-Hop Document” in October 2010.

2010 -Pocono Mountain Film Festival, “Best Music Video” (Nominated)

2010 – Beyond Expectations Film Festival, “Main Attraction“, “Grandwizard Theodore: Creating the Scratch” was the closing video for this film festival.

2009 – P.A.A.F.F. (film festival sponsored by HBO), “Best Comedy Short” (Nominated).  Sitcom pilot “Foxes” was nominated for “Best Comedy Short” for the HBO sponsored film festival.

2009 – MindTV Film Festival, “Main Attraction“, ”Grandwizard Theodore: Creator of the Scratch” was the closing video for this film festival.

2008 – BET.COM Award, “Best Female Music Video” (winner) for Santalina “Kick in the Door

Here are some of our music videos…


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