Our clients range from hip-hop, EDM, R&B, rock, gospel, comedy, country, and more.  We are always looking for great artists to help brand our signature WHOMAG brand.  What we look for in a client is great music, driven mentality, and a strong following.

 We offer distribution directly through us or offer independent labels the chance to white label their company through us. Here is a partial list of some of our clients ranging from direct distribution to white labels…

KRS-One & Just Ice
Kool Keith
Keith Murray
Young Jeezy (aka Lil J’)
Just-Ice, Mike Gee (Jungle Brothers), Manic, and Grand Wizard Theodore
Mikey D
Prevail Da MC
Trudy Lynn
Steve Krase
Annie Baltic
Matt Maddox
8ball & MJG
Harry Kalas (Best of the Philadelphia Phillies)
DMA series
Bad Boy Bill
Trakk Professors feat Craig G, Viro the Virus, and more
Olivia McClurkin
Papa Wu (Wu-tang) feat Method Man & ODB
Soul Circus Cowboys
Society 1
D-Boyz feat Lil Wayne, Mannie Fresh, Juvenile, and more
Garage Anthems Vol #1 & #2
Playa Fly
Everlasting Gangstas
Krumb Snatcha
So Solid Crew
The Brothers Four
Final Edition
Duke Ellington
Blacc Titanium
Criminal Manne
Vinny Vero (and the Drop Out Orchestra)
First Pentecostal Church
Rampage & C-Red
Mr. Loco
Shahroz feat Joe Budden
Bong Hits for Jesus
Mark Gaines
Ari Lesser
Anita Ward
Robbie Tronco
Jewel T
Michael Shawn Comedy Album
Nico the Beast
Pure Pleazure
Rockell feat Joe Zangie
and over a hundred more!

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Here is a full list of our clients and titles. (coming soon)

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